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My Way Financial Renting

Warning, borrowing money also costs money.


Financial Renting* involves renting a company car and charging the monthly amount as a business expense on your company overheads. Upon contract expiration, you may purchase the car for a predetermined purchase option.

You can additionally take advantage of a selection of services from our range: maintenance and repairs, roadside assistance, insurance and material damage, replacement vehicle, ...

Financial Renting Features

  • Duration: Between 18 and 60 months maximum
  • Purchase option: Between 16 and 20% of the catalogue price
  • Advance payment: Higher initial payment
  • Accounting: Business expenses on profit and loss account:
  • VAT Pre-financing: No
  • Return of car upon contract expiration: Optional
  • Owner: The customer (purchase option)

Vehicle conditions

  • The car may not be older than 30 months from the 1st registration date
  • The mileage must not exceed 75,000 km at the time of application
  • The VAT must be deductible

Financial Renting Benefits

  • Preserve your company’s investment opportunities: no fixation of capital
  • Lower the fixed monthly amounts via a higher initial payment and a higher purchase option
  • Avoid surprises: the purchase option is pre-determined

This product is intended for professional customers: businesses, the self-employed and those in the liberal professions.


*Product concluded with D'Ieteren Lease N.V. (Affiliate of Volkswagen D'Ieteren Finance). Registered place of business: Leuvensesteenweg, 679 – 3071 Kortenberg – Belgium - RPR Leuven 0402623937. D'Ieteren Lease N.V., (FSMA 20172A) is a non-affiliated agent of P&V Verzekeringen cvba (FSMA 0058).