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For My Way, compromising on quality is not an option.

The My Way vehicle can take pride in the fact it has met all the strictest specifications, leaving nothing to chance. This is why My Way vehicles are different from other used vehicles.

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Flexible warranty

A My Way vehicle ALWAYS benefits from a flexible warranty programme

It is covered by a warranty for a minimum of one year. However you can extend it if you like. Covers parts and labour, excluding parts subject to wear and tear.

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In-depth control

A My Way vehicle ALWAYS undergoes an in-depth control by the official network. 

It is followed by professionals who scrupulously respect the manufacturer's standards.

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Mobility warranty

A My Way vehicle followed by the official network is ALWAYS protected by the 24h/24 mobility warranty.

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Personalised offer

A My Way vehicle is ALWAYS the subject of a personalised offer.

We can insure and finance it.

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Known history

A My Way vehicle ALWAYS has a known history.

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